Walmart Credit Card

Walmart, the full name of which is Walmart, Inc., is the largest American retailer, which is included in the Fortune 500 list. Walmart also tends to be among the most capitalized American companies. If you appear  to be a frequent shopper at Walmart, you can apply for a Walmart credit card and get a pretty solid number of benefits. This review will help you find out the benefits of this credit card, as well as about its advantages, disadvantages, and terms of use.

Things You Have to Know About Walmart

Walmart is a chain of supermarkets that serves customers worldwide, have more than 11,710 locations across the globe. The key product lines of this chain include grocery, party supplies, craft supplies, photo finishing, fitness and sporting goods, pet supplies, health and beauty, toys, jewelry, footwear, clothing, home improvement, home and furniture, movies and music, and electronics.

The company’s headquarters is located in Bentonville, Arkansas. The scope of this company can be expressed in the following figures: Walmart employs 1.4 million workers in the United States alone or 2.3 million workers worldwide (including the United States). As of 2017, its revenues equaled $485 billion, while the net income of the company exceeded $13.5 billion. You can apply for a Walmart credit card online or in-store. If you have decided to apply for the card in-store, you can locate the closest supermarkets of this chain with the help of this Walmart Near Me page.

Basic Information About the Walmart Credit Card

Annual fee: None.

Variable APR for purchases: 22.9% variable.

Credit card highlights:

  • Fraud protection.
  • Options of special financing periods.
  • Zero annual fee.
  • Spend $75 in one receipt and get $25 in credit.

In a pretty similar way as many other stores (such as Sears) do, Walmart also offers two credit cards to its clients: Store Branded Walmart Credit Card and Walmart MasterCard Credit Card. The store branded credit card is not connected to any major network (such as Visa or MasterCard), thus it cannot be used elsewhere except Walmart supermarkets. On the other hand, the MasterCard credit card from this company can be used wherever MasterCard cards are accepted – that’s pretty everywhere.

Walmart Credit Card

And even though anyone is eligible to apply for a Walmart credit card (any of those two cards), it doesn’t seem such a good offer from Walmart. While there are some noticeable perks that come with these cards, those benefits are nothing compared to what other credit cards offer. Even 1% cash back that you can get from the Toys R US credit card is far better than what Walmart offers. That is to say nothing of the 1.5% cash back on all purchases offered by the Chase Bank.

Applying for a Walmart credit card is good only for those people who have a poor credit history and who want to rebuild it. If you have a solid credit history, it would be better to skip reading this article and, instead, to look other, more beneficial credit cards in this section. It also must be pointed out that if you have got a Walmart credit card, you will actually be not eligible to apply for a Target credit card, while the latter tends to be far more beneficial.

Advantages of the Walmart Credit Card

And even though it was pointed out above that the Walmart credit card cannot boast such a great number of benefits, there are still reasons why you may consider applying for this credit card. This section of our review contains the top perks of this credit card, so you will get an understanding when applying for this credit card may be suitable. So, the advantages of the Walmart credit card are the following ones:

  1. You can apply for this Walmart credit card even if you have a credit score lower than 630. As it was already mentioned above, you may consider applying for this credit card if you have your credit score below 620. Otherwise, you are likely to find far better options than this credit card.

But if your credit history is quite poor, then you may apply for this Walmart credit card and use it as an opportunity to re-build your credit history. Considering that almost everyone is accepted by Walmart, that seems quite a viable option. And this opportunity is given to any citizen of the United States – you should not necessarily be Walmart’s regular customer.

How to re-build credit history? Well, there is nothing difficult if you a responsible person. Just make only the purchases you need with this Walmart credit card. Pay the money you used on time and in full. Never spend more than 30% of credit given to you. If you follow these steps, soon afterwards you will be able to apply for a far better and beneficial credit card.

  1. You can take advantage of pretty good gas deals. Once you have received a Walmart credit card, you can pay with it for gas at the Walmart gas stations. The company rewards all credit card holders with a reward rate of around 2%, though the rewards are somewhat restricted. But it’s the best deal you can get with such a low credit score – if you have a credit score of more than 700, you can apply for credit cards that offer from 3% to 5% rewards on gas purchases.
  2. You will be offered to take advantage of special financing options. There are options of mid- and long-term financing at Walmart. In order to qualify for this financing, you should download a coupon from the company’s website, print it, and bring it to the store along with your credit card. Once you have done, you will be able to apply for the financing options. These financing options allow to get zero interest financing for the following periods:
  • 6 months on purchases ranging from $150 up to $298.99.
  • 12 months on purchases ranging from $299 up to $428.99.
  • 18 months on purchases ranging from $429 up to $598.99.
  • 24 months on purchases that exceed $599.

If you fail to pay off the loan within the agreed period, you will have to pay the whole sum along with the interest, ranging between $16.99%, 19.9% and 22.9% (this depends on your credit history).

  1. You will receive 1% cash back on the purchases made anywhere. And even though the 1% cash back ratio is not so bad, it comes with some limitations. You will start collecting rewards only after you spend your first $500. Besides, the APR of the Walmart credit card is higher than the average, and, therefore, we recommend you to buy only the things you need with this credit card.

Drawbacks of the Walmart Credit Card

Considering that we recommend you to take on this credit card only if you have a poor credit history, it appears to be obvious that this Walmart credit card has a large number of disadvantages. This section of our Walmart credit card review contains the reasons why you may decide to stay away from this card. So, the drawbacks of the Walmart credit card are the following ones:

  • Quite high APR on purchases. If you decide to make purchases in credit or you don’t pay the money on time, you will have to pay quite a high interest rate. And even though it appears to be not higher than, for example, the APR of Kohl’s or Sears credit cards, we still recommend you to be careful with how you spend your money by using this credit card.
  • Inability to apply for the Target credit card. Once you have been approved and you have obtained a Walmart credit card, you will not be able to apply for a credit card from Target. Thus, if you are a frequent customer of the Target stores, we would recommend you not to pursue this credit card from Walmart – the Target credit card has far more bonuses to offer to you.
  • Many of the card’s bonuses come with limitations. Even though this credit card from Walmart still offers some worthy perks, they oftentimes come with limitations. For instance, you will start receiving rewards for purchases only after you spend the first $500. Or there are limitations on gas purchase rewards as well, and this is pretty annoying.


Based on what has been written above, it is logical to suggest applying for a Walmart credit card only if you want to rebuild your credit history. Once you have spent a few years on improving your credit score, you will be able to apply for a card with a far richer number of benefits. For instance, you may choose between different credit cards from the Citi or Chase banks. This way, our verdict is like this: apply for this credit card only if you can’t get anything better.