Credit Card Generator

The credit card generator is a useful tool for creating a valid credit card number, and you can take advantage of using it right on this website! With the help of specific computations, this application composes the numbers of credit & debit cards that can be considered as the valid ones.

After you have opted, for example, to get a number of Visa credit card, you will get a credit card number that will look like 4xx-xxx-xxx-xxx-x or 4xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. At the same time, you can be sure that such a number could stand for a real credit card – yet it does not – due to adhering to all the principles of generation of credit card number.


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How the Credit Card Generator Works?

Each of the credit cards has a specific number, which is divided into four main parts. Each of the given fractions bears a certain meaning, and a single mistake in any of those fractions will make the number invalid.

In the first place, the first digit of the number, known as the MII, helps to recognize the industry in which a specific company – the one that had issued the card – operates. For instance, a number of a credit or debit card cannot start with 3, since this digit stands for the companies that work in the travel and entertainment. On the contrary, you may find gift cards of such company, which will begin with 3.

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The second component is the IIN, which stands for the company itself. You may be surprised, but the IIN consists of the first six digits. Indeed, the MII thus turns out to be the part of the IIN. Even though the IIN of any credit card number is 6-digit long, not all of those digits are always permanent. For instance, the IIN of American Express cards is 34xxxx or 37xxxx, which means that the latter four figures always vary.

The third and the fourth components are the personal account identifier and the check digit (the last one) respectively. Indeed, there is nothing extraordinary in creating such a credit card number if you know a formula, and this is the time when the credit card generator comes in handy. In a matter of seconds, you can get an actual valid credit card number – even though a credit card with such a number does not exist.


What Should I Use These Credit Card Numbers for?

You may abstain from using the credit card generator, indeed, because it creates fake numbers of credit cards. However, those numbers cannot be considered as fake ones since they are really working. The simple fact that they cannot be found on any actual credit or debit cards does not turn them into the fake ones.

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Apart from having a look at what your credit card number might be, you can enter a credit card number, generated with the help of the credit card generator, into a website that requires you to provide your credit card number during the registration. Indeed, it is just a trick, and with its help you will secure your privacy.