Credit Card Numbers

A bank credit card numbers, also known as a payment card number or just a card number, is the identifier of cards that can be found on various cards, including credit and debit cards, gift cards, and other types of cards. Most people use such card numbers for completing online purchases or transferring money to the accounts of other people.

However, it is usually wrongly believed that they identify accounts of the respective cardholders; yet, bank card numbers are just the identifiers of the respective cards – and not accounts.


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Credit Card Numbers Generator

Credit card number generators allow you to get valid credit card numbers. Such generators make up random credit card numbers, which, however, are made up according to all rules. Essentially, bank card numbers are not just a random set of figures; there are several parts responsible for certain identification.

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Bank card number generators provide you with an opportunity to obtain an acting number of a card without actually having it. Typically, you can choose whether you want Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, or any other bank card. Then, the system will use the specified settings and grant a card number, which will look as a real number of the credit card of a certain company. It could be advantageous to have such a number when you got registered on a website – an online store in particular – where you have to provide the credit card number. If you are not going to buy anything yet in fear to give your private information up, such a generator of credit card numbers would stand in good stead.  

Structure of the Credit Card Numbers

The number of a bank card contains a certain number of digits, which usually varies between 13, 16 and 19. Indeed, each of those numbers is not randomly conferred but bears a certain meaning. For instance, Visa credit & debit cards have card numbers with either 13 or 16 digits. At the same time, MasterCard avails itself with only 16-digit bank card numbers. The bank credit card numbers of Discover Cards are also no different than 16-digit numbers. American Express utilizes solely 15-digit credit card numbers, which is quite unusual for the financial industry (other companies that use 15-digit numbers for their cards are UATP, a payment network owned by an airline company, and Dinner Club enRoute). The first number, known as the Major Industry Identifier, usually defines the industry in which the company that issued this card operates. credit card numbers Such first numbers as 2, 4, 5 and 6 are conferred to the cards, issued by the companies that operate in the financial and banking industry. Besides, 2 and 6 can be also arrogated to airline and merchandising companies respectively. Such first digits as 1, 3, 7 and 8 are conferred to the cards, issued by the airline, travel & entertainment, petroleum, healthcare, and telecommunications companies accordingly. The 9 digits is used by national standards bodies. This Major Industry Identifier is an integral part of the Issuer Identification Number, better known with its acronym (IIN). IIN consists of 6 digits that identify the company which issued the bank card. For instance, you can notice that the bank card numbers in MasterCard cards begin with the number in the range between 51 and 55, whereas the following 4 digits of the IIN are selected by the company. Visa cards, regardless of what the length of the card numbers they have, always begin with 4. The card numbers of American Express are in some way similar to MasterCard: they always begin with specific two figures: 34 or 37. Finally, Discover card numbers always feature 6011 in the beginning. It is important to understand that, despite the fact that some cards feature only 1, 2 or 4 permanent digits in the beginning, the IIN always contains the first 6 digits of a card number. For instance, you can write that the IIN of a Discover credit card is the following: 6011xx, where the first four digits are always same and the last two digits are arrogated by Discover at its discretion. The rest of the digits in a bank card number, excluding the last digit, are arrogated to a specific bank card. Essentially, these digits identify exactly the given card. There is a common fallacy that this part of a card number is referred to a bank account; however, one bank account may have more than one bank card with – naturally – different card numbers. Therefore, these digits point not to a specific bank account, but a specific bank card. The last digit of the card number is used as a check digit against system errors. For that purpose, the Luhn algorithm, known also as “mod 10” algorithm, is used. It is a simple formula deployed by the card systems to validate the identification numbers of various cards (not only bank cards, but also IMEI numbers and even social insurance numbers in some countries). The Luhn algorithm is rather used against system errors than malicious, deliberate frauds. valid credit card numbers

What Is a Valid Credit Card Number

As it was previously mentioned, credit card numbers are not just randomly made up. In order to be valid, a credit card number must contain the following correct figures:
  • The first digit stands for the Major Industry Identifier;
  • The first six figures (including the MII) identify the company that issued the credit card;
  • The following figures (until the last one) identify the card and the cardholder;
  • The last digit is used to check against errors in the system with the help of the Luhn formula.
If at least one constituent of the credit card number is missing, that bank card number cannot be considered as a valid one. At the same time, valid numbers of credit cards can be even such that are not actually conferred to any credit card in real, yet the sequence of the figures of which is a correct one (have a look at the Credit Card Numbers Generator).  

Is This Online Checker Safe?

The online checker, provided at the beginning of this article, provides you with an opportunity to check whether a number of the credit card (it does not matter whether it is the number of a real credit card or just a made-up version) is a valid one. That means that such a combination of figures if the number is a valid one, may really exist as a credit card number. All you have to do is to enter the given card number in the given field and click on the “Validate” button. If the number is not valid, you can see where is a problem (with the Luhn formula – the most frequent one, the MJI, the IIN, or the number of the card). If you have any worries regarding the safety of the online validator, you can skip them as far as you have good antivirus software on your PC. The computations are carried out only in the browser of yours, and so there could be no threat from the side of the validator. The website or any third party does not have access to the data that a user types in the fields of the online checker. So far, no security issues have been raised in connection with the online validator, presented above.